Which Wallcovering Colors Are Best Suited to A Doctor’s Surgery?

Are you trying to decide on wallcovering colors for a clinic? If you are, you’ll want to put some real thought into what you choose. People often underestimate the impact that colors can have. WallScapeInc.com

Here are a few shades you’ll want to look at as you are comparing different colors.

Neutral Tones

More often than not, people will opt for neutral shades for a doctor’s office. It’s easy to see why people prefer more neutral colors; neutral tones don’t stand out and blend in with just about everything.

With that said, there are a lot of colors that fall into the “neutral” range. A soft gray or tan may be a better choice than something that is simply white. Look for wall coverings that have a little bit of color to them, even if that color is fairly plain.

Light Blues

While blue isn’t normally considered a neutral shade, a softer blue isn’t going to stand out in any way. Light blues are frequently seen in doctor’s clinics.

Why do so many people opt for lighter shades of blue? To start, light blue is a calming color. People tend to feel anxious about visiting a doctor. Seeing light blue allows them to relax.

In addition, blue is a color with wide appeal. It is a color that many people actively dislike, and very few people dislike. If you don’t want a neutral tone for a doctor’s office, blue is the safest bet.



While bright yellow isn’t a good fit for a doctor’s office, a softer yellow can work. Yellow is the color of friendship, and it can make a clinic seem like a friendly and safe place to be.

With that said, you need to be very careful about the shade of yellow that you choose. Some shades of yellow actually are repelling to people.

Make sure you stay in the pastel range and make sure you avoid anything that’s too bright. As long as you pick the right shade of yellow, you shouldn’t have to deal with any problems.

Patterned Wall Coverings

If no particular colors are calling out to you, you might want to try using patterned wall coverings instead. Having the right kind of pattern can make wall coverings feel fresh and interesting regardless of their color.

If you do opt for a patterned wall covering, you’ll want to make sure that the rest of the decor in your clinic is simple. You won’t want to have two different patterns competing against each other.

Beyond that, you will want to make sure you avoid patterns that are overboard. The pattern you select should have some visual interest, but it shouldn’t stand out too much.

It can be hard to decide on the best wallcovering color for a doctor’s clinic. With that said, if you look at these colors, you should find plenty of nice options. Think about the kind of wallcoverings you want your clinic to have. You should be able to come up with something great!