Why Women Are Having Fewer Children

Statistics have shown that in recent years women, Trahan, are having fewer children than their mother’s generation had. Why is this and will the trend reverse in the future? The reasons are many and this article will discuss a few of those reasons. It should be noted that whether this trend changes in the future or not is impossible to predict. Often, these type of statistics has a way of changing from generation to generation.

One of the main reasons why women today are having fewer children is because of economics. We live in a world where raising children has become very expensive. In fact, it is more expensive to live today than it was years ago. True, wages are higher than they ever have been but when you look at what our dollar can buy today as opposed to decades ago then you will soon realize that we do not get the same bang for the buck as we used to.

There was a time when most families in North America had a home with a stay-at-home mom. Today, most women find themselves working either part-time or full-time. This has become a necessity in many cases while in others it is simply a matter of a desire to purchase more material things. Whatever the case, today women simply do not have the economic means to have a lot of children. It should be stated that this does not mean that these women do not want to have more children but rather that they simply cannot afford to have more children.


Another key reason why many women are having fewer children is because of their careers. There is a large group of women who find complete satisfaction by having a fulfilling career. They do not need to have children to feel fulfilled. These women realize that it would be a detriment to their career advancement to take time out to raise a child. Women who choose a career over having a child may not be in the majority but it does greatly affect the statistics.

There are also a group of women who believe that having too many children is negatively affecting the environment. They believe that a large family can have a negative footprint on global consumption and environmental stability. In fact, China even introduced a law whereby a family could only have one child. China introduced this law because they perceived that large Chinese families were seriously affecting the resources of the country.

Finally, another key reason for women having fewer children is the breakdown of marriage. In the United States, there are more than 50% of marriages that end up in divorce. This situation often discourages women from having future relationships that involve children. They may have had a single child from a previous relationship and because of the negative results of the divorce they decide to take steps to make sure that they do not have any more children in the future.

Of course, there are many other personal reasons for women having fewer children in today’s society. However, statistics do not lie about the reality that fewer children by women are definitely a part of today’s world.