All About Asset Creation With Whiteboard Drawing Ideas

In the global marketplace for newer and more innovative solutions, more and more companies are offering ever more advanced ways to create the marketing material that draws in customers. This is particularly true of online marketing, as more customers are getting internet access every day and more and more money is progressively being spent on online e-commerce. Though modern e-commerce sells everything from bulk beef jerky to civilian grade super computers, most marketers looking for an online edge likely have a product somewhere in between these two extremes.

For many online marketers, whiteboard animation is becoming an ever more popular option that combines the effectiveness of using images in an online ad while maintaining a sense of movement with an uncomplicated drawing animation that allows an animated hand to “draw” the images an advertiser wants. Between holding the human attention span while generating images worth a thousand words, the use of whiteboard animation is fast becoming a popular way to advertise online. Many people find that prepackaged images that the hand will draw, known as assets, are more than enough to cover their needs. However, some products are so specific or a sales pitch so different that it calls for new assets to be created specifically to sell that product.

To actually begin the process of asset creation with whiteboard drawing ideas, one will have to actually draw them out. For most online marketers, creating their own product-specific assets requires downloading the right programs that will allow them to create digital images. For a digital artist without much by way of funds, a starter Wacom Intuos or Bamboo tablet (usually between 50 and 70 USD) is best used alongside a worthwhile digital image editing program, such as Paint Tool Sai or Adobe Photoshop Elements, running at around the same price.

However, these devices and programs will not automatically allow one to work with asset creation with whiteboard drawing. These devices require that the user knows how to draw. While the medium of the whiteboard animation does not need world class art, it does help to be able to draw an image clearly, whether it’s a human eye made of lines or a crude picture of the planet Earth as seen from space, one will have to draw them out first. Fortunately drawing is a skill that can be learned, particularly by the truly dedicated.

As with drawing on paper, drawing images for whiteboard animations is a matter of practice, practice and more practice. Drawing from life or from a photograph is highly recommended for all but the most advanced asset creators. Fortunately, the modern global telecommunications networks offer reference photos for all but the most obscure images. Drawing what you see in these reference images, possibly with your own modifications (say giving donkey wings), is the best way to get good at drawing, whether it’s on a traditional medium or a newer digital medium. Of course, the process will not be quick or painless and one should expect to make a lot of bad images first. Still, it does not take a great deal of skill to make passable whiteboard animation assets for oneself.