Job Hunting for Vacancies in Pediatric Therapy and Educational Services

If you are in the pediatric therapy and educational services field, it is not always easy to find occupational therapist job. If this is your career path of choice and you would like to find an open position, here are some pointers that will lead yon in the right direction.

This is one of those career paths where networking can get you far. Going to industry events and seminars is a great way to get in touch with people that have connections. If this is the path you take, try your best to appear smooth and confident. People are not fans of helping those who seem to be desperate.

Another great option for job seekers would be to go to a placement agency that specializes in the professional services field. They will have positions at area organizations that are not likely to be listed in your local paper and online job directories. If you are not sure of which agencies in your area specialize in this type of thing, it is very simple to do a quick online search and find that out.



Whether you believe it or not, there are online job boards that have viable options for people looking for careers in this field. Many are filled with useless banners and positions that do not exist, so you will have to do some digging to find a gem.

There are many great jobs available out there; the key is knowing where to look for them. If this is your chosen career path and you are looking for a new position, make sure that you try all of these methods. They will help you land the job that you have always dreamed of.

Which States in The USA Allow You to Carry a Firearm?

Do you know what states in the US allow you to carry a firearm classes here? What state do you live in? I have lived in four states, and I can tell you that my current state South Carolina does allow concealed carry. Of course, if you do live in a state that allows concealed carry, you do need a concealed carry license. There’s much more to it than that, though, and the gun laws for each state can be a little confusing if you are not aware of them.

Not only do you need to know if you can carry a firearm, but you need to know what types of firearms are allowed and how they are allowed to be carried. Do you have a gun that you already own that you wish to carry? Maybe you’re working on getting your license to carry, and then you are going to buy a gun afterward. If you’re going to carry a gun, you definitely want to be trained. You have a deadly firearm on your person, and while you hope you never have to use it, you certainly have to be ready.
A person who has not been trained to shoot a firearm should never carry a firearm. So let’s look at the states that allow you to carry a firearm. Oh but wait a minute because we have to look at the types of issued permits again. For example, have you heard of unrestricted permits and shall issue permits? Alabama is an example of a state that has shall issue permits. Colorado is an example of a state that offers the same type of permits.

Aside from shall issue and unrestricted permits, there are also may issue and no issue states. Also in certain states, there are particular laws and regulations that are attached to those permits. For example, New Mexico offers an unrestricted permit but has a rule concerning guns being unloaded. You definitely have to know the rules when it comes to your specific state.

The last thing you want to do is get in trouble. You are trying to do the right thing, and you have to know what the rules are first. Don’t think because you’ve carried in another state that you all the sudden know all the rules if you’ve moved. They can vary from state to state. So check the state regulations for where you live as you get ready to get your concealed carry permit for your firearm.

Are there any accessories that you need to buy in order to carry your firearm? Are there any restrictions as far as places that you can go? You want to keep track of these laws, too, so that you don’t wind up in trouble in a sticky situation. The may issue permits might sound a little confusing to you. Look at the laws surrounding the mass you permits and consider this example. Hawaii is one of these states to look at their gun laws. Now it is time to get your permit if it is possible.

Why Women Are Having Fewer Children

Statistics have shown that in recent years women, Trahan, are having fewer children than their mother’s generation had. Why is this and will the trend reverse in the future? The reasons are many and this article will discuss a few of those reasons. It should be noted that whether this trend changes in the future or not is impossible to predict. Often, these type of statistics has a way of changing from generation to generation.

One of the main reasons why women today are having fewer children is because of economics. We live in a world where raising children has become very expensive. In fact, it is more expensive to live today than it was years ago. True, wages are higher than they ever have been but when you look at what our dollar can buy today as opposed to decades ago then you will soon realize that we do not get the same bang for the buck as we used to.

There was a time when most families in North America had a home with a stay-at-home mom. Today, most women find themselves working either part-time or full-time. This has become a necessity in many cases while in others it is simply a matter of a desire to purchase more material things. Whatever the case, today women simply do not have the economic means to have a lot of children. It should be stated that this does not mean that these women do not want to have more children but rather that they simply cannot afford to have more children.


Another key reason why many women are having fewer children is because of their careers. There is a large group of women who find complete satisfaction by having a fulfilling career. They do not need to have children to feel fulfilled. These women realize that it would be a detriment to their career advancement to take time out to raise a child. Women who choose a career over having a child may not be in the majority but it does greatly affect the statistics.

There are also a group of women who believe that having too many children is negatively affecting the environment. They believe that a large family can have a negative footprint on global consumption and environmental stability. In fact, China even introduced a law whereby a family could only have one child. China introduced this law because they perceived that large Chinese families were seriously affecting the resources of the country.

Finally, another key reason for women having fewer children is the breakdown of marriage. In the United States, there are more than 50% of marriages that end up in divorce. This situation often discourages women from having future relationships that involve children. They may have had a single child from a previous relationship and because of the negative results of the divorce they decide to take steps to make sure that they do not have any more children in the future.

Of course, there are many other personal reasons for women having fewer children in today’s society. However, statistics do not lie about the reality that fewer children by women are definitely a part of today’s world.

Are Bilingual Students Smarter?


There are many advantages associated with being bilingual. A bilingual student will have access to more career options and will have the opportunity to go work abroad or to work in fields that require international communication especially those that studied in international schools in NYC. Speaking two languages fluently also affects different brain functions. Are bilingual students smarter?

It is important to understand that there are different types of intelligence. Studies have shown that bilingual children have a better ability to focus, which can, in turn, lead to better results in School. Students who speak two or more languages can more easily focus on one thing in a noisy or busy environment and are better at multi-tasking. This can make absorbing and retaining information easier.

Being bilingual also has a positive effect on the working memory of students. Studies have shown that children who speak two or more languages have better memory skills. Being able to retain and recall information more easily is a real advantage in an academic setting and usually, leads to better grades.

A bilingual student will be more likely to come up with creative solutions to problems and to find solutions quickly. It seems that being able to speak two languages allows students to develop the skills they need to think on their feet and to find solutions outside of the box. Being bilingual seems to help the brain develop stronger executive functions. These students are perceived as more agile and more flexible.

Switching between two languages also makes it easier for these students to think about their cognitive processes and to understand them. As they get older, this will help them grasp more abstract concepts and ideas. Bilingual students are often perceived as smarter because they have a better ability to focus, to multi-task and to learn and remember things. However, studies have shown that bilingual students often do not use complex nuances when communicating. Speaking two or more languages makes it easier to learn new languages and to communicate in a practical manner but these students might be at a disadvantage when advanced or highly-nuanced communication is required.

This is a minor drawback compared to all the advantages of bilingualism and most students are not affected by this issue in their daily life. It is undeniable that speaking two or more languages is beneficial to cognitive development in children. Being bilingual helps them develop a number of executive cognitive function that gives them an edge over other students.

Being able to speak two or more languages will open up new doors for your child. If you are bilingual yourself, make an effort to speak two languages at home so your child can learn. You should also consider bilingual education so your child can benefit from being able to speak two languages. Being bilingual will give them access to more career options, makes them more competitive on the job market and getting good grades in school will be easier for them thanks to their ability to focus, remember things, multi-task and solve problems in a creative manner.

Which Wallcovering Colors Are Best Suited to A Doctor’s Surgery?

Are you trying to decide on wallcovering colors for a clinic? If you are, you’ll want to put some real thought into what you choose. People often underestimate the impact that colors can have.

Here are a few shades you’ll want to look at as you are comparing different colors.

Neutral Tones

More often than not, people will opt for neutral shades for a doctor’s office. It’s easy to see why people prefer more neutral colors; neutral tones don’t stand out and blend in with just about everything.

With that said, there are a lot of colors that fall into the “neutral” range. A soft gray or tan may be a better choice than something that is simply white. Look for wall coverings that have a little bit of color to them, even if that color is fairly plain.

Light Blues

While blue isn’t normally considered a neutral shade, a softer blue isn’t going to stand out in any way. Light blues are frequently seen in doctor’s clinics.

Why do so many people opt for lighter shades of blue? To start, light blue is a calming color. People tend to feel anxious about visiting a doctor. Seeing light blue allows them to relax.

In addition, blue is a color with wide appeal. It is a color that many people actively dislike, and very few people dislike. If you don’t want a neutral tone for a doctor’s office, blue is the safest bet.



While bright yellow isn’t a good fit for a doctor’s office, a softer yellow can work. Yellow is the color of friendship, and it can make a clinic seem like a friendly and safe place to be.

With that said, you need to be very careful about the shade of yellow that you choose. Some shades of yellow actually are repelling to people.

Make sure you stay in the pastel range and make sure you avoid anything that’s too bright. As long as you pick the right shade of yellow, you shouldn’t have to deal with any problems.

Patterned Wall Coverings

If no particular colors are calling out to you, you might want to try using patterned wall coverings instead. Having the right kind of pattern can make wall coverings feel fresh and interesting regardless of their color.

If you do opt for a patterned wall covering, you’ll want to make sure that the rest of the decor in your clinic is simple. You won’t want to have two different patterns competing against each other.

Beyond that, you will want to make sure you avoid patterns that are overboard. The pattern you select should have some visual interest, but it shouldn’t stand out too much.

It can be hard to decide on the best wallcovering color for a doctor’s clinic. With that said, if you look at these colors, you should find plenty of nice options. Think about the kind of wallcoverings you want your clinic to have. You should be able to come up with something great!

All About Asset Creation With Whiteboard Drawing Ideas

In the global marketplace for newer and more innovative solutions, more and more companies are offering ever more advanced ways to create the marketing material that draws in customers. This is particularly true of online marketing, as more customers are getting internet access every day and more and more money is progressively being spent on online e-commerce. Though modern e-commerce sells everything from bulk beef jerky to civilian grade super computers, most marketers looking for an online edge likely have a product somewhere in between these two extremes.

For many online marketers, whiteboard animation is becoming an ever more popular option that combines the effectiveness of using images in an online ad while maintaining a sense of movement with an uncomplicated drawing animation that allows an animated hand to “draw” the images an advertiser wants. Between holding the human attention span while generating images worth a thousand words, the use of whiteboard animation is fast becoming a popular way to advertise online. Many people find that prepackaged images that the hand will draw, known as assets, are more than enough to cover their needs. However, some products are so specific or a sales pitch so different that it calls for new assets to be created specifically to sell that product.

To actually begin the process of asset creation with whiteboard drawing ideas, one will have to actually draw them out. For most online marketers, creating their own product-specific assets requires downloading the right programs that will allow them to create digital images. For a digital artist without much by way of funds, a starter Wacom Intuos or Bamboo tablet (usually between 50 and 70 USD) is best used alongside a worthwhile digital image editing program, such as Paint Tool Sai or Adobe Photoshop Elements, running at around the same price.

However, these devices and programs will not automatically allow one to work with asset creation with whiteboard drawing. These devices require that the user knows how to draw. While the medium of the whiteboard animation does not need world class art, it does help to be able to draw an image clearly, whether it’s a human eye made of lines or a crude picture of the planet Earth as seen from space, one will have to draw them out first. Fortunately drawing is a skill that can be learned, particularly by the truly dedicated.

As with drawing on paper, drawing images for whiteboard animations is a matter of practice, practice and more practice. Drawing from life or from a photograph is highly recommended for all but the most advanced asset creators. Fortunately, the modern global telecommunications networks offer reference photos for all but the most obscure images. Drawing what you see in these reference images, possibly with your own modifications (say giving donkey wings), is the best way to get good at drawing, whether it’s on a traditional medium or a newer digital medium. Of course, the process will not be quick or painless and one should expect to make a lot of bad images first. Still, it does not take a great deal of skill to make passable whiteboard animation assets for oneself.

Demand for Commercial Buildings in New Jersey Surges and Tax Revenue Rises

warehouse spaceThere is a growing demand for warehouse space in New Jersey these days.

People are snapping up new constructions while rental prices and vacancy rates start to climb as New Jersey’s real estate market heats up in the central and northern regions. This is especially true for buildings with solid overhead garage doors that will last for years. A rebounding economy, as well as a residential construction surge in NYC, are responsible for this growth, according to industry experts. They also attribute this situation to businesses that are relocating across the famous Hudson River as well as a push for faster home delivery.

Companies are feeling confident about what’s going on in the real estate market, so they are breaking down the pent up demand these days, according to Clark Machemer, president of New Jersey’s NAIOP chapter – a real estate association in the commercial field. Mr. Machemer is also Rockefeller Group Development Corporation’s vice president.

The average asking rent in the state of New Jersey has increased for the industrial market from $5.68 per square foot to $5.73 for this year’s second quarter, according to Transwestern Transwestern, a commercial real estate firm with offices in Parsippany. Over this same time period, the commercial real estate’s vacancy rate fell to 7.5 down from 8 percent.

New construction is booming in New Jersey, with millions of square feet underway.

Quarterly reports from Bussel Realty Corp., Newmark Grubb Knight Frank, Cushman & Wakefield and other firms show similar trends.

E-commerce, 3PLs (third-party providers of logistics services) as well as grocery and food firms are driving up this demand, according to Matthew Dolly, director of research at Transwestern in New Jersey

Because his current building is just getting redeveloped, Romark Logistics’s president Marc Lebovitz said that he has just signed a new lease for a property of nearly 360,000 square feet.

“We are taking even more space as we are moving out of these premises,” Marc Lebovitz added. He needs additional space because the economy is improving and his customers are keeping even more inventory.

As companies need to move inventory even closer to their customers, this is the situations that drives up demand in New Jersey, according to Alex Previdi, one of the many managing directors working for Transwestern.

“Customers want their iPhones by tomorrow in the event that they break after falling off a desk. So companies are moving their products closer to population centers,” Mr. Prevedi added.

Since demand is so strong, companies are finding hard to find good warehouse space these days in New Jersey, according to the Forsgate Industrial Partners’ director of leasing in Teterboro, Andrew Moss.

Many companies, unable to compete with the booming residential development in New York City, have moved out of NYC, according to Mr. Moss. He also said that the improving economy has something to do with the upward trend in the demand of warehouse space in New Jersey.

Most of the things ending up inside the new buildings in NYC come from New Jersey, Mr. Moss also said. He does not expect this demand to wane in the future anyway. He cannot see the horizon yet, he also said.

Why receive an accounting course

Accounting skills are important to the one who deals with money. Financial accounting will be the work or the operation of keeping accounts. Generally financial accountants record, classify and summarize in a significant way and with regards to events and funds transactions.

Accounting students may ask themselves why they may be important. Taking an accounting course will assist you to discover the various financial analysis in organizational and business selection. One can learn most of the necessary primary skills operational careers like profitability assessment and financial statement evaluation through accounting courses.

Things to learn in a accounting class:

Basic financial analysis

Having some skills on preparing the basic fiscal reports is integral to accounting course. As a possible accounting student, you will understand the way to organize financial statements significant information. After figuring out how to prepare the fiscal reports from the course, you will be able to provide the knowledge to lenders, managers, business people, the population as well as the government.

Income statements

Income statements are also known because profit and loss accounts. They display profits and losses of companies and organizations following a monetary period. After learning the skills, you’ll be able to research this company or perhaps the businesss performance. The expertise and information are crucial for companies, existing shareholders and the businesss competitors.

The balance sheet

An equilibrium sheet shows value of assets in the organization. Gaining some skills on balance sheet analysis, enables you to easily understand the details of any company’s funding.

It is going to additionally permit you to understand a company’s stability. There are lots of businesses that seek employees with capability to analyzing balance sheets as a way to understand their financial stability says Jesse Stockwell’s Debtmerica profile

Statements analysis

Inside the course, you’ll gain skills on analyzing various financial statements. You will be able to increase questions related to the statements plus have the answers. A simple example, if you want to view the efficiency of the organization, its liquidity or profitability, you will need to effectively analyze its profit and loss account and balance sheet. By gaining the relevant skills in accounting class, you will assist a business and it is shareholders appraise the businesss profitability.

In case you are working in a mercantile, financial or banking industry, debt management,you’ll employ the courses to heighten opportunities. If you are willing to do extra jobs, this course will offer you immediate rewards. Confer with your manager and show them your training needs. You can even volunteer for a job that offers you some practical knowledge like taxation, accountancy and finance. More than likely, the manager will give you support. By doing that, you will not only gain qualifications but you will also get excellent additions to your CV while still training.

After getting the qualifications, you’ll have competitive experiences which will help you have a job. Additionally, you will progress faster towards the better paying jobs.

For almost any one desiring to obtain a quicker begin in business, financial or perhaps a banking career accounting is just about the best area of training. Its time you will get the training to prevent losing opportunities.

A Few Things to Know About Basic Accounting

Accounting is the field that is really much important and no business can survive without basic accounting. Basic accounting is something that helps in finding out the money that comes in the business and also the amount that actually go out of it, according to Jesse Stockwell, an expert on the subject. The accounting department in any of the company is meant for recording the transactions and also analyzing the patterns of transactions and also the various things related with the taxes and payroll. The accounting department is the one which can help in determining the efficiency and also the health of the business in the proper way.
Types of the Accounting
There are two various ways for accounting that include accrual and cash basis. Most of the smaller businesses make use of accounting that is cash based. It usually include recording and also acknowledging things when the cash is moved between the parties that are involved in the business. In the case of cash basis method even when the purchase is made with a credit card it actually is recorded when the cash is transferred in real to the other party.
The accounting based on accrual is the one in which there is no need for actual money to be transferred. There are chances for the transaction to be recorded even when it is made on credit. The method of accrual is something the usually tracks the commitments for making the payment or that should be paid when commitment for that is made irrespective of whether the fund is actually transferred or not. This is the kind of method that is usually used for the case of large business.
Significance of Accounting
Accounting is something that is important for all the business. If you think that all the transactions are recorded either in an electronic way or on the registers the truth is that they are not. There are no records available for the inventories. The accounting ensures that all the transactions are recorded which include the inventories and many others. It is always good for every business to have such an organized department for them to know how money is moving within the firm.
Tracking the Performance of Business
It is necessary for every business to know about the things that are related with the chance. It is good for you to choose the basic kind of thing. There are chances for you to easily understand where your business stands through the accounting.
Management Accounting
Tracking the performance of the business is something very important for ensuring the health of the business. There are so many things that you need to do for making decisions related with the business. It is necessary for you to generate different types of reports based on the data that you have collected so that you can easily choose the one that is most suitable for you. There are no rules available which say how your business is going to be. It is possible for you to get the finest kind of decision possible if you are following the concepts related with basic accounting.


Things to Know About Income Taxes

It is really a great excitement for you to get the salary that to your first one. You might have worked really harder for the whole month and you are getting the salary. There is a thing that might disturb you which is nothing but a deduction in your salary in the form of income tax. Just ask the founder of Optima Tax Relief, Jesse Stockwell. There are chances for you to get the finest way you to get the best kind of the income tax. It is necessary for you to know more about this so that you can get the finest idea of how it works and what amount of your salary goes in the form of income tax.

History of Taxes in America
It is a truth that the various forms of taxes have always created an issue for the citizens of America. The citizens could never ever accept this idea of taxing. This hatred towards taxing is something that started from the early times when the Britain made America as their colony and also levied extremely heavy taxes on the citizens. The people who lived in that era had to pay indeed a huge tax on each and everything that they buy and also many other cases. It is true that the American’s fought with British for freedom but even when the nation got the Government of its own tax was still a major form of income that kept the Government moving in a positive direction. Taxes of various forms include the major part of the revenue of the American Government.

First Income Tax
First ever income tax was collected in the year of 1863 by Federal Government. This is the graduated tax which is similar with the income tax that you pay these days. The time when the income tax was first implemented, the ones who earned between 600 to 10,00 dollars were meant to pay income tax at the rate of about 3 percentage. The ones who earn more than 10,000 dollars needed to pay 5 percentage of what they earn.

Tax Process
There are chances for you to know more about the tax process. The whole process of taxation begins with the new job. It is necessary for you and also your employer to agree on the salary that needs to be paid to you. There is also a requirement for you to fill the W-4 form. This is the form which is similar to the tax survey which actually says whether you are married or single. These forms help you in getting the first thing related with the chances. The employers have got the responsibility for the chances of getting the best kind of results.

Flat Tax

A flat tax is the kind of the system that can help you in easily handling the complicated stuff of tax forms and also tax code. It is the kind of the tax that need the only single form for it. This is the kind of the form which may be of the size of the postcard.

Facts to Know About the Premium Tax Credit

The premium tax credit is the option that is applicable to you if you are getting the health insurance related with you through Health Insurance Marketplace. This is the kind of the plan which can help the individuals who have moderate incomes to get the health insurance coverage in a much affordable rate. There are chances for the Health Insurance marketplace to come with a period of open enrollment every year. This is the time for you to purchase the health insurance. The period for that was closed by Feb. 15, 2015, and has got extended to April 2015 so that the ones who could not register could do the registration process. It is possible for you to make use of the enrollment period that is allotted extra for the purpose of enrolling the individuals and also the families in the states which make use marketplace that is federally facilitated. There are chances for the individuals to get the things possible so that it is possible for you to get the best way possible so that you get the finest kind of the things. There are chances for you to choose the finest way so that you can get the best possible things. There are chances for you to choose the get the individual so that there are chances for you to do that in most appropriate manner. This is something that can help the individuals in a much better manner so that you can get the possibility of better kind of the health insurance. There are many things that you need to know about it so that the whole thing can be much easier for you to deal with.

There are certain things that you need to take care so that it becomes much easier for you to choose the finest service. You can easily get the premium tax credit if you are buying insurance through the marketplace. If you are not getting any coverage through government plan or employer then also it is possible for you to avail the premium tax credit. There are chances for you to even avail this benefit if you have some limitations in your income. If you are having the premium tax credit option available for you then it is possible for you to either choose the option of getting it now or the one named get it later. It is always good for you to get the finest kind of the details from this and also to enjoy that well.

Claiming Credit
If you have chosen to pay the credit payments in advance to insurer then you need to file for the income tax – return of the federal government. This is a good option for you even when you are able to get the return. It is possible for you to get either the low tax due or the highest refund so that there are chances for you to get the finest thing possible.

Failing to File the Tax Returns
It is necessary for you to make sure that you pay the tax returns of the previous year else it is not possible for you to avail the credit payment method.

IRS’s 2015 Tax Bracket Announcement

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) made the announcement on the annual inflation adjustment for the year 2015. This announcement includes multiple provisions such as tax tables, tax rate schedules and also cost of living regulation for some tax items. And these rules will be effective from the 1st January 2015. The new tax rules will not be applicable for the tax returns of 2015; it will be applicable for the tax returns of 2016. Here is the some important information of Income Tax Brackets for the individual taxpayer.

• If your individual income is in between 0 – $9,225 then you will have to pay 10% tax.

• If it is in between $9,226 -$37,450 then the tax due is 15%.

• If your earning is in between $37, 451-$90,750 then the tax payment will be 25%

• If your income is in between $90, 751- $ 189, 300 then the tax amount will be 28 %

• If it is in between $ 189, 301- $411, 500 then the tax due will be 33%

• If your earning is in between $ 411,501- $413,200 then the tax due is 35%

• And if your individual earning is $411,201+ then the tax due is 39.6%

If you are married individuals and filing joint returns then your tax due will be less such as if your income is in between the $0- $18, 450 then you will have to pay 10% tax but in case of individual tax payer you need to pay 10% tax for $0- $9, 225 only. If you are a married individual, but filing for separate returns then your tax due will be more. And the tax due also varies according to the income and the position of the taxpayer.

Standard Deduction: In this announcement, taxpayers will find a slight bump in the standard deduction since it rises to $6,300 for individuals and also for married couple who wants to file separate returns and $12,600 for the married couples who want to file joint returns. And also for the head of the households the standard deduction rises to $9,250.

Itemized Deductions: Itemized deductions will rise for the individuals whose income is $258,250 or more and $309,900 for the married couples who filed the returns jointly.

Personal Exemptions: The personal amount also goes up for the year of 2015. It rises to $4,000, up from $3,950 of 2014. This exemption acts as a fillip for millions of people.

Here are the some updates of the family-related tax items.

• Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC): If the taxpayers filing jointly for one child the amount will be $3,359, for two children it will be $5,548 and for three or more children it will be $6,242 and for no children it will be $503.

• Child & Dependent Care Credit. The value used to decide the sum of credit that might be refundable is $3,000. Remember that this amount is not the actual credit amount. This is the value of the operating cost that is used to decide the credit.

• Kiddie Tax: For the year 2015, the Kiddie tax is $1,050.

• Adoption Credit: For adopting a child with some special care $13,400 credit is allowed and the maximum credit is allowed for any kind of adoption is $13, 400.

These are the updates of the 2015 Income Tax brackets. IRS announcement also includes tax returns on education, health and retirement plans.

Learning About Income Tax Forms

income tax formsIn the past, when individuals had to file income taxes, they would either wait in the mail for their income tax forms to come from the IRS or picked up copies of standardized forms from their local post office. Now these forms are made available online so that you can download and print it out or file your forms electronically. Even with the advancements made to accommodate the world of technology, you still need to understand what these forms are and the difference between each form.

The basic forms for individual tax returns are 1040, 1040A, and the 1040 EZ forms. Being misinformed when it comes to filing income tax forms and which forms apply to your tax situation is a waste of your time and effort that could be spent on other things. In order to avoid this, examine your tax situation and learn about each form, so that if your situation changes, you will file the correct form.

The 1040 form is what was once considered the “long form.” This is because individuals that filed with this form, typically were either self-employed or itemizing their deductions. The attachments that are required to be filed with this form are also known as schedules, this is what made filing taxes for many individuals the least anticipated task of the year. The 1040A and 1040EZ are simplified forms that can be interchangeable with one another depending on your specific situation. The 1040EZ is for individuals that do not have dependents to claim and that are not required to file 1040, otherwise if you are claiming dependents then you would file the 1040A unless you fall under other circumstances that require you to file 1040.

Most individuals will know if they have to file the long form. If you receive 1099 as an independent contractor or you are self-employed, you would need to file the Schedule C which can only be filed on 1040. This is where you report your business profit and loss based on earnings and expenses. Other schedules that you may encounter, include Schedule E which applies to individuals with rental properties and Schedule D which is for reporting capital gains and losses.

The 1040EZ allows individuals that make under a certain income threshold, without kids an easier way to file taxes. Keep in mind that if you receive any self-employment income or 1099 you cannot report this information on 1040EZ. This is for W-2 employees only to file their taxes that meet the requirements. Your filing status may also have a bearing on whether you can file 1040EZ. If you are married filing separately, innocent spouse or head of household then you can only use 1040 or 1040A. Typically, with the head of household you have dependents to claim, therefore you would need to file 1040 or 1040A. Certain tax credits that may benefit you cannot be filed on the 1040EZ either. In order to claim certain tax credits, you would need to file 1040 or 1040A.

Understanding the proper form to file not only saves you a lot of wasted time and effort, but it also ensures that you are maximizing your refund potential. By filing the wrong income tax forms, you may lose out on credits and deductions that could benefit you.

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